It’s true! Selling your Riverside house really can be that easy.

Because we don’t list your house on the market—we are the homebuyers.

Here’s our EASY four step process:

You do not have to list it, show it, clean it, repair it, or sweat it!

  1. Consultation – Tell us about your property, your needs, and your timeline. Based on this first phone call, we can usually tell whether you fit our buying criteria. If you do, we’ll set up an appointment to see the property, either via video call or a socially-distanced site visit.
  2. Research – This is where our team gets together and figures out how we can best help you. We assess the house and what kinds of repairs it needs (if any), we research other homes in the area, and look at the after repair value (ARV). 
  3. Offer – Once we’ve taken all the factors into account, we write you a fair offer. There’s no obligation to go through with it if it doesn’t work for you. We want to make sure it’s a win for you before it’s a win for us. 
  4. Closing – We close on your schedule, and we can get it done in as little as 7 days. Once you accept the offer, we find a reputable local title company to handle the transfer. Then we do the cleanup, take care of repairs, get rid of the tenants, and we even pay the closing costs. 

Pro tip – we can even help you move if you’re relocating in the area.

Ready to get your cash offer?